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#1 PSD Stronger Effects Ft.Sooyoung–by SeungRa

Annyeong Haseyo^^
SeungRa ibnidaa~~ Author baru disini yang bener-bener masih fragile dan pemula juga aba-abal kalo masalah photoshop-ing -_-V. kkk~

so uhhh.. here is it.. i posted my VERY FIRST PSD coloring. so dun kill me if ths PSD is kind of disaster slt. mkay? xDD.. here’s the preview^^..

see? still so newbie-like, ryt? ><


if you wanted to download it please let me know by ur comments^^
Leave it if you don’t like it, and

NOT ACCPETING RE-POST OR RE-BLOG, PLAGIARZM ><. this is my own not-so-good artwork^^. just..

Hoping you like it guyss^^..

dan ya kenapa SeungRa ngepost dalam Uncategorized karena nama ku belum tercantum di Designer name. ^^


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