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#6 Happy 22th B’Day,Seungyeol Oppa~ (22 Icons)









10 PM–WIB–means 12 KTS at Korea, and.. guess wht? it’s Yeol Oppa’s bdayy~~~ his 22th Bday~

To Sungyeol Oppa:
Oppaya~ don’t u realize how old u are now? u’re an 22 years-odl adult. i wish.. for ur happiness and health, kept looking good and being a tall-big-dorky-beloved-and-lovely person yaaa~~. and yeah. long last with my Unnie~ xD.

I Wish… u’re happy with ur another 06 more hyper and dorky friends of yours..

i Wish.. for u to have a happy idol life, and keept strong through the difficult and hard time.

I Wish.. you could be more patient to taking care of Sungjong Oppa. well, he’s a bit naughty.

I Wish.. for you to grow up even taller and taller. xDD

I Wish.. for u to beloved by everyone in this planet.


I Wish.. for INFINITE and INSPIRIT keep and always loving each other. as long as we can, why i didn’t say ‘Forever’ cuz logically, there’s nothing last forever. xDD.

so as LONG as we CAN…

From: I , We, and Us…


Aishh… nangis deh T^T *tisumanatisu*.
ok deh, udah basa-basinya. kalo yg mau ambil komen dan jangan plagiat dan copas.

Inspirits? nangis bareng? *HUWAAAAAAA T–T*

One response

  1. Agavia Amalathea

    author , bikin iconnya semua member infinite dong ^^
    terutama maboy abangHoya sama si sanggyu >_<
    dan iconsnya abang yeol keren, jadi inget abang yeol di infinite rangking ^^
    dia yang makan sendirian kan?? kekekk.. kasian-.-

    November 15, 2012 pukul 11:25 am

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