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Special Effect – Baro

The 1st Special Effect from me with my Hubby! :*

sorry for bad >< and just simple effect. Eum I also made the psd file 🙂

hope you like it^^

jpg. for some collection if you like Baro :p well, he’s only mine ><

and the psd. just for trying^^ hehe~


Download? Here



3 responses

  1. i’ll take it chingu..

    Oktober 12, 2012 pukul 4:03 pm

    • Yeonnia!~♥

      okie 😉

      Oktober 13, 2012 pukul 5:12 am

  2. aku donlot ya 🙂

    Oktober 14, 2012 pukul 6:00 am

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