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EXITO-PSD-coverTitle : EXITO

Type : PSD

Media :  Photoshop (any version of it)

Size : 1.65 MB

Creator : ……… (still dunno what my new pen name would be)

Genre : dark

Artist : Teen Top

Meaning of Title : TT’s new mini album title. It means “success” in Spanish

Tips : do not use this PSD in dark photos, only use it to make a bright photo darker. If you like the effect but your photo is dark, you can click on the “Brightness/Contrast” icon inside the PSD folder and brighten the effect, or you can change the “Solid Color” and, most of all, “Curves”. But after doing that, DO NOT reupload your new creation of my PSD and claim it as yours.

Little notes : I dunno what number should I put in this PSD’s title. I forgot how many PSDs have I made before since I’ve been hiatus for a veeeeeeery long time and I didn’t plan to make this PSD. I was just editing a photo and accidentally this PSD was created, so I tried to put it in EXITO photos and it turned out pretty good, so I uploaded it. End of the story. I think it’s been like 100000 years since I posted my last PSD, rite? I even forget what it was called. Something like Sunset, I suppose?

Disclaimer : DO NOT CLAIM THIS PSD AS YOURS. But if you wanna use it, it’s an honor to me

How can I download it?

You can download it by clicking on this picture below. It will lead you to the MediaFire download link. Feel free to do that^^


WARNING : the paragraph below has NOTHING TO DO with this PSD post. So if you only want the PSD and nothing else, you can just skip it. Thank you.

I’m sorry. This is a bit off topic, but I’m gonna inform you about something. I’ve just changed my pen name. It was “Catherine Crystal”, rite? Now, I’m going with the name “Mirelle Kwon”, and the korean name “Kwon Haera”. You can call me either “Mirelle” or “Haera”. Or Mir 😛 it is accepted too. Or you can add the “‘s wife” after that name 😛 (the last one’s just a joke tho kkk~ I’m not actually a fan of Mir’s. Just trying to play around a bit with his fans 😛 don’t kill me). And my new blog’s URL is Please have fun 🙂


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  1. Silent Girl

    thanks for share this one.. i take this? thanks 😀

    Oktober 1, 2014 pukul 8:14 am

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