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[Wallpaper] Chanyeol & Lay Abstract




Long time no see y guys!

Today i bring somethin new from, yup! ABSTRACT Wallpaper.

Since 3 months ago i learn about “how to draw with WPAP metode”

some ppl using WPAP in Corel Draw. but i use Photoshop (thank you for paint bucket tool & lasso tool lulz) bcs using Photoshop is more simple dan Corel Draw i think.

Heres The Wallpaper. big WARNING! if you use /download the pic, plz notice me via comment box like “izin take ya” or “izin download”. respect me as a Designer.

Thank you!:D




2 responses

  1. flamers14

    take ya

    November 9, 2014 pukul 6:59 am

  2. mbk, mo tanya bole gk?
    cara buat foto gif dari video gmna ya?

    Januari 13, 2015 pukul 4:49 am

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